Episode 10: Cuttin' Up About Therapy and Being an Artist

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The Creative Cut Up Cuttin' Up About Therapy and Being An Artist


The Creative Cut Up podcast is a lively and honest space for storytellers that sits at the intersection of craft, business, and creative freedom.

Join us weekly, where Felicia Pride and her co-hosts, Dria Roland and Georgette Pierre, talk shop and smack, share the good, the bad, and the ugly, and provide tangible tips to support your creative practice, your career, and your artist self.

In Ep 10, it got real with Felicia, Dria, and Georgette having a vulnerable discussion around navigating their personal sh*t in therapy and how our mental wellbeing is connected to our art-making. They’re clear that sitting with the uncomfortable emotions helps with the work they create, but that the self-work ain’t easy. The ladies cut about their entry points into therapeutic practices and how therapy helped give them a deeper perspective.

A breakdown of our chat:

(00:04:53) Felicia’s entry point into therapy

(00:09:31) How life and therapy opened Georgette up as an artist

(00:13:44) The ability to sit in our emotions and feelings to transfer it to the page

(00:14:10) Dria’s experience seeing the importance and connection between therapy and art

(00:14:23) Writing from your scars and not your wounds

(00:15:53) How Felicia channeled the relationship with her father in her work

(00:18:44) How therapy helps to give us different perspectives and context

(00:21:13) How self-work made us sensitive and appreciative of other artists’ work

(00:22:36) Self work making us hypersensitive to other people’s sh**

(00:23:53) Needing to refine tools that were formed during a time of trauma

(00:25:58) The amount of vulnerability in the writer’s room

(00:26:43) Being able to work through shame and traumatic experiences

(00:28:10) Artists being put on a pedestal and disrespected at the same time

(00:29:15) New tools we’re using to increase groundedness and be more embodied

(00:33:14) Knowing when there’s a break in the healing work

(00:34:19) Our How We Create segment where Felicia, Dria, and Georgette share things inspiring them this week

HOW WE CREATE Recommendations

Felicia: Percival Everett + his visual artistry (also author of Erasure, the novel in which the film American Fiction was based)

Dria: DJ sets

Georgette: Synthesis drag performance show in Brooklyn


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