why it’s so hard to create daily

In college, my English professor saw something in my writing. So much so that she encouraged me to minor in it. I had chosen business as my major because of its practicality. Even a minor in writing sounded futile. My young self questioned the kinds of good jobs available to writers. I eventually retreated on that opinion a little, choosing to study writing, but also publishing, in grad school. At least with publishing thrown in, I’d be better positioned for a job.

Full-time writer was not a reality I could imagine. Dream about, sure, but rather fantastically. What I’ve come to realize is that I’ve never been a full-time writer, until recently. Even after spending several years working for myself, I never just wrote. Oh no. I taught as one of our highly valued adjunct professors. I took on clients. Started a consulting practice. I spoke. I wrote on the side of my side gigs. But mostly, I hustled.

Despite popular thought: Hustling is not creating. Hustling is hustling.

I wasn’t alone. My fellow creators and media makers, from journalists to filmmakers, were also battling this multi-headed animal. Our reality prompted me to start the create daily, a service to help creators create consistently by connecting them with high value opportunities for projects and gigs for money.

Here’s the thing: most creators just want to create. And for many creators, not creating just isn’t an option. So they make it work. And I’m committed to helping us do just that.

about me

I began my writing career at five years old when I wrote a book about a family of dogs who were renowned roller skaters. When that didn't translate into overnight success, I went on to be an entertainment journalist, writing pieces like this. Then I penned several books including the essay collection The Message: 100 Life Lessons from Hip-Hop’s Greatest Songs, which was taught in schools around the country, a YA novel, and I was tapped by Simon & Schuster to write two books based on the television show Everybody Hates Chris.

In between, I worked in New York book publishing, taught freshman comp for ten years at various colleges, slummed in nearly all of the major cities on the east coast, started a marketing business for books and films, and may have sold the occasional dime bag. Since it became clear that I will never run out of stories, I moved to Los Angeles to finally pursue film and television writing.

By day, I worked as a film distribution exec, and in 2016, I was a Film Independent Screenwriting Fellow. I'm the co-writer and executive producer of the forthcoming film REALLY LOVE, produced by MACRO.

I'm also in an open relationship with TV because there's something so sexy about a story engine. I was selected as one of eight writers for NBC's 2017 Writers on the Verge program. Dramedy is my jam. Book adaptations are also high on my list.

Since 2012, I've run The Create Daily, a resource for creators, with a focus on those of us who are underrepresented. I hold an M.A. in writing from Emerson College.

I'm represented by CAA and Industry Entertainment.

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