Episode 4: Cuttin' Up About Working Inside a Writer's Room

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The Creative Cut Up Cuttin' Up About Working Inside a Writer's Room


The Creative Cut Up podcast is a lively and honest space for storytellers that sits at the intersection of craft, business, and creative freedom.

Join us weekly, where Felicia Pride and her co-hosts, Dria Roland and Georgette Pierre, talk shop and smack, share the good, the bad, and the ugly, and provide tangible tips to support your creative practice, your career, and your artist self.

In Episode 4, we cut up about Felicia’s experience inside a writer’s room, her favorite place to be, what a healthy writer’s room looks like, and how she’s continued to strengthen her storytelling craft in and out of the room.

A breakdown of our chat:

(00:04:39) Felicia’s first experience in a writer’s room with Queen Sugar

(00:07:18) Thoughts on comedy vs drama

(00:08:27) How Felicia learned her way around a writer’s room

(00:10:39) Co-writing episodes and the hierarchy of a writer’s room

(00:13:44) What it means to break an episode

(00:15:12) The process of writing and rewriting an episode

(00:16:34) What writers should expect working in a writer’s room

(00:18:57) The types of experiences that helped Felicia strengthen her storytelling skills

(00:20:33) Ways to land your next writer’s room job

(00:21:08) Understanding your job in the writer’s room

(00:22:33) Three takeaways to help aspiring writers land their first writers room job

(00:25:29) Know your superpowers

(00:26:35) Three things a writer must know how to do

(00:27:31) Our How We Create segment where Felicia, Dria, and Georgette share things inspiring them this week

HOW WE CREATE Recommendations

Felicia: Tanya Trotter’s (of The War and Treaty) Grammy nomination for Best New Artist at 50

Dria: Inspired by her mother’s second act

Georgette: Ryan Leslie “You Know My Speed"


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