Episode 11: How to Manage Your Finances and Grow Your Income as an Artist

entrepreneurship growing your income as an artist hollywood how to manage your finances multiple streams of income as an artist podcast May 07, 2024
The Creative Cut Up How to manage your fianances and grow your income as an artist


The Creative Cut Up podcast is a lively and honest space for storytellers that sits at the intersection of craft, business, and creative freedom.

Join us weekly, where Felicia Pride and her co-hosts, Dria Roland and Georgette Pierre, talk shop and smack, share the good, the bad, and the ugly, and provide tangible tips to support your creative practice, your career, and your artist self.

We don’t play about our money. And in this business, we don’t have the luxury to, especially when we’re part of historically excluded groups.

As artists, it’s important that we cultivate a healthy relationship with money and to ensure that our money is working for us. In this episode, Felicia, Dria, and Georgette cut up about having multiple streams of income as freelancers (cause this business will try to play in your face), not having any job be our master, and what financial freedom looks like for us. Hint: Looks a lot like creating forever, but not having to for money. Oh and retiring on some beautiful island.

A breakdown of our chat:

(00:03:22) Hollywood not being encouraging of entrepreneurship

(00:04:41) Difference between freelancing and entrepreneurship

(00:06:30) The pursuit of financial, creative, and professional freedom

(00:8:03) Dria still making the shift on building her enterprise up to be sustainable outside of these traditional systems

(00:10:25) Folks wanting to put you in a box and Hollywood not wanting you to create your own destiny

(00:11:45) How living the life you’re supposed to live can also be part of your purpose

(00:12:42) Our experiences getting a taste of living the way we wanted to live

(00:13:31) Felicia knowing the type of life she wants to live and the fear that comes along with building it

(00:16:07) The capacity to have

(00:17:30) Felicia using the Profit First method and making it work for her

(00:19:38) Working through our lies of not being able to manage money well

(00:22:26) Multiple streams of income we’ve dabbled in

(00:26:44) What scaling looks like

(00:27:08) Entrepreneurship and balancing multiple things isn’t for everyone

(00:28:00) Being a good steward of our money

(00:29:03) The work works especially when you’re consistent with it

(00:30:04) Believing energetically that money is easy to make

(00:32:23) Drip comes at a cost

(00:34:03) Excess not working for us

(00:35:58) Our How We Create segment where Felicia, Dria, and Georgette share things inspiring them this week

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Dria: Movie marathon with her friend

Georgette: The Courage to Be Disliked by Ichiro Kishimi and Fumitake Koga


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