Episode 1: Cuttin' Up About Breaking into Hollywood

#hollywood motivation podcast storytellers storytelling Feb 18, 2024
The Creative Cut Up Cuttin' Up About Breaking into Hollywood hosted by Felicia Pride


Watch our premiere episode

In our premiere episode of The Creative Cut-Up, Felicia, Dria, and Georgette cut up about what they wish they knew before breaking into Hollywood.

The Creative Cut Up podcast is a lively and honest space for storytellers that sits at the intersection of craft, business, and creative freedom.

Being an artist is hard AF, especially without purpose, community, and support. Join us weekly, where Felicia Pride and her co-hosts, Dria Roland and Georgette Pierre, talk shop and smack, share the good, the bad, and the ugly, and provide tangible tips to support your creative practice, your career, and your artist self.

Throughout the episode, you’ll hear insights on things Felicia, Dria, and Georgette wish they knew before breaking into Hollywood.

Some key points explored:

(00:04:10) Felicia learning the importance of self-care after selling her first feature film.

(00:07:16) The level of gatekeeping that takes place and not attaching your worth to your work.

(00:09:34) It’s not about who knows you but who likes you and if your name is being mentioned in rooms that you’re not in.

(00:11:44) Building genuine relationships and doing things within your control.

(00:13:17) Navigating people’s limited imagination on not being able to see you beyond what they know you for vs. what you want to do.

(00:16:20) Dria learning the importance of staying centered and having a North Star.

(00:18:00) Hollywood being an industry where you may have to take two steps back to move three steps forward.

(00:20:02) This business being very freelance and having to piecemeal opportunities.

(00:22:18) Insights on how they’re moving forward with or without Hollywood

(00:26:38) Our How We Create segment where Felicia, Dria, and Georgette share things inspiring them this week

HOW WE CREATE Recommendations
Felicia: May the Lord Watch documentary by Little Brother

Dria: American Fiction

Georgette: The Creative Act: A Way of Being by Rick Rubin

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This podcast is a production of The Create Daily. It was produced by Georgette Pierre and executive produced by Felicia Pride. It was edited by Wize Grazette of the Indie Creative Network.

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