THE CREATIVE COMEBACK is a course for storytellers to help you reignite your creative mojo so you can get back on creative track and achieve your creative dreams.

Frustrated with yourself and feel far away from your creative dreams?
Tired of watching everyone else achieve their creative dreams?
Want to start creating again, but don’t know how?

The Creative Comeback is for you.

This course will help you…

- Get clear on the creative life you want

- Uncover what’s holding you back from achieving your creative dreams

- Get out of your head and renew your focus

- Determine the best ways to invest in yourself and your career

- Get ready and make room to embark on this new leg of your creative journey

- Understand the importance of putting your creative work first

- Put yourself out there and make the ask

- Play the long creative game!


Why I Created This Course

“How did you start creating again?”

I was getting this question about once a week after I announced that I’d finally achieved my dream of being a full-time TV / film writer in Hollywood. My friends and followers knew that years before I was toiling away in communications in DC and not writing a page. And yet, how did I turn around my life so suddenly?

Here’s the thing: we only get this one life. If creating is your life’s work, you owe it to yourself to reclaim your purpose.

I should know. About four years ago, I wasn’t writing or creating at all…..And I lived to tell the tale. I’m now a full-time writer, writing every day and feeling more committed to myself than ever before.

I made the Creative Comeback because I want the same for you.

In The Creative Comeback, I outline the exact steps that I took to go from an unhappy, non-writing bystander to a joyful, thriving, and focused full-time writer.

And you can do it too.


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"Felicia curated her stream of consciousness into a cluster of resources and inspiration for anyone fighting self-doubt. I was so sad when it ended, but happy to say I've already started reclaiming parts of my former creative life."

Latoya P., storytelling technologist

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"I purchased The Creative Comeback because I knew I needed some support on this journey back to my creative self. It is right on time."

Stephanie M., writer

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"Going through @feliciapride ‘s Creative Comeback guide and it’s everything...Thank you for creating it. Writing has always been my foundation and now I’m transitioning from the PR/Marketing space to the creative/film space so this is right on time."

Ashleigh D., writer

What’s Included

8 Audio Files
35 Lessons
Ask Yourself Prompts

All organized in six tracks:


Anytime I’m frustrated, I return to the work. Frustration is inevitable, and because of that, I’ve started to use it to my advantage. When I’m in my feelings about something industry related, instead of wallowing in it, I open my laptop and write.
— Excerpt From The Creative Comeback
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