I’m an LA-based TV / film writer in the best creative space I’ve ever been in. But as you can imagine, this wasn’t always the case.

Full-time writer was not a reality I could imagine. Dream about, sure, but rather fantastically.

When I first tried to embark on a full-time writing career as an author, I never just wrote.

Oh no. I taught as one of our low-paid adjunct professors. I took on clients. Started a consulting practice. Toiled in communications and marketing. I took on side gigs on the side of my side gigs. But mostly, I hustled.

Despite popular thought: Hustling is not creating. Hustling is hustling. 

I wasn’t alone. My fellow creators and media makers, from journalists to filmmakers, were also battling this multi-headed animal.

Our reality prompted me to start The Create Daily to help us create daily so that we can achieve our creative dreams and thrive.

Each week, I send a hand-curated newsletter full with inspiration and opportunities (from funding to residencies) to advance our careers. I created The Creative Comeback, a course that helps you reignite your creative mojo so that you can get back on track to achieving your creative dreams.

Here’s the thing: most creators just want to create. But it’s hard as hell to be a full-time creator. It’s hard as hell to create daily. Shoot, it’s hard as hell to create consistently.

The reasons are endless.

Yet, all of these forces aside, for many creators, not creating just isn’t an option. So they make it work. And I’m committed to helping us do just that!

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