Introducing Minicourses!!

As part of the fundraising for my short film, tender, I hosted a series of online creative chats on topics ranging from pitching Film / TV projects to developing a writing process to becoming a professional Film / TV writer.

The chats were so popular that I decided to make the recorded versions available for purchase right here on The Create Dally website!

Check them out:

The Art of Pitching for Film & TV
This chat is all about pitching, a crucially important skill for film / TV writers. I talk about the elements of a pitch, how TV and film pitches differ, how to prepare to pitch, pitch materials, and pitch delivery. 

Developing a Writing Process, Practice, & Schedule
It can be hard to sustain a writing career without a clear writing practice, or clear process and schedule for finishing projects. So I talk about how to develop a writing practice and schedule that works for you and how to develop a writing / rewriting process so that you can produce your best work. 

What it Takes to Become a Professional Film / TV Writer
Breaking in can sometimes feel elusive. And it can be hard, but not impossible. In this chat, I talk portfolios, fellowships / contests, networking, landing representation, writing discipline, mindset, and more.  

Purchase the chats here.