I Wouldn't Have Believed You...

By Felicia Pride

My first episode of television aired last week and I'm still feeling all the feels. So many people watched, congratulated, and celebrated with me. I was so wonderfully overwhelmed at the outpouring of support. Check out some of the celebration here and here.

Some of y'all know that my creative journey has been a rollercoaster with many valleys. A lot of self-doubt. A lot of conditioning. So much fear. So many self-limits. You couldn't have told me four years ago when I was living in my basement apartment in DC frustrated and not writing that I'd see my name on the credits of a major television show. I wouldn't have believed you.

And I wouldn't have believed you because I was wallowing in a pool of thoughts that weren't serving me: I'm too old. I can't write TV. I can't move to LA. I am not a good writer...

On my comeback journey, one of the biggest epiphanies I've had is that hard work is definitely important. So is the hustle. But nothing is sustainable if I'm misaligned mentally, emotionally, or spiritually. So my priority is to stay in alignment. To think thoughts that serve me. To exercise my faith. To put fear and self-doubt in their place.

So when I talk about doing the work, I'm taking about craft work + self work. And when I started doing the work y'all, my life changed.

Not only did my writing career remerge with vengeance, my joy has grown exponentially. My confidence is solid. And my focus is clear: do the work + stay aligned.

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